I bring visions to life

Hej, I am from Denmark, living in Zürich, Switzerland. 

Since my childhood I have been very creative and always loved making things.

I have a strong desire to make an idea grow into a piece of jewellery or an object.

The jewelry I make are all unique or part of small series. All pieces are strongly influenced by my Danish heritage and made with Swiss precision.

My designs are simple, minimalistic, powerful and with a touch of humor. Expressed in different exquisite metals, precious stones and natural material.

Customers often come to me with an idea, a wish and sometimes even a stone and together we develop a unique and very personal piece. 

All metals I use are recycled. The metals are from GYR AG in Bar, which is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council in London. Therefore, I can use the Swiss Lable: “Oekogold”.

Stones I source with great care for people and our environment.

I also repair and redesign old or not fitting pieces.  


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